Published on May 19, 2021

Director's Message

Accessible walkway to the Nature Center at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

All for nature and nature for all!

Everyone deserves to experience the pleasures of being outside and we are committed to making our sanctuaries places that people feel comfortable and welcome. Much work has been done at Felix Neck lately to reach this goal.

Our Education Department is working with a consultant to ensure that our buildings and wild spaces are accessible to all people. We have improved our walkway to the Nature Center so it is smooth and root-free and have added a bluestone path to our door (see photo at top).

With the warm weather our Access-Able golf cart tours have begun, and there are more benches along our trails to stop and sit for a spell.

Even with COVID, we were able to continue our internships for people with disabilities and have groups of differently-abled adults coming to the sanctuary weekly to work with us to take care of our wildlife and land. Read about our work with the MVRHS Voyager program, whose participants are now sanctuary regulars.

Better yet, come to Felix Neck yourself—see the beauty of the land, be a delighted visitors, and enjoy the outdoors.

Happy Spring,