Community Garden at Canoe Meadows

Raised bed in Canoe Meadows community garden

The Canoe Meadows Community Garden in Pittsfield has been welcoming organic green thumbs to its 4.5-acre garden for more than 40 years. Several gardeners even describe it as "the most scenic location to plant a garden in Berkshire County."

The garden is adjacent to a 250-acre wildlife sanctuary and less than a mile from downtown Pittsfield on Williams Street. Gardeners work alongside singing Bobolinks, soaring American Kestrels, and stunning mountain views.

From May through October, approximately 100 gardeners grow their own vegetables, flowers, and herbs in our garden. At the beginning of the season, we offer a free workshop on organic gardening, including its benefits and practical tips. Community Volunteer Days are held at the opening and closing of the garden season to set up plots and install water lines. To ensure gardening opportunities are available to all members of the community, the Canoe Meadows Community Garden offers financial assistance for those in need to help cover membership and garden plot rental fees.

More Than Just Gardening 

"When you work the soil with your hands, feel the sun and the wind on your face, listen to the birds, watch the butterflies, soak in the beauty of the fields and mountains, and then cut your flowers and eat your harvest, you are connected in the best way possible to all that is healthy and good in the world."
—Libby Herland (community gardener, advisory board member, trail volunteer)

Community Garden Information

  • The garden plots measure 15 ft x 20 ft each.
  • Each plot can be rented for $35 by Mass Audubon members.
  • Gardeners may rent multiple plots if they wish.
  • We also have 4 accessible raised bed gardens—please call or email us for more information. 
  • Gardeners have access to an onsite portable restroom that is cleaned weekly.
  • Shared garden equipment is not provided at this time—please let us know if you need assistance acquiring garden tools.

How to Apply

Online registration for garden plots opens in April. If you would like to apply for financial assistance for a garden plot in the 2022 season, please call 413-637-0320 or email us.


  • Gardeners must be current members of Mass Audubon.
  • All gardeners are required to sign a pledge committing to organic gardening practices.
  • New gardeners must attend a free organic gardening workshop in April.

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Organic Gardening Workshop


All new gardeners are required to attend a free organic gardening workshop led by Mass Audubon staff in April. Participants will receive information about the benefits of organic gardening as well as practical advice on how to incorporate this approach in your garden.

The workshop for the 2022 season will be virtual. A recording will be made available afterwards.

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