About Burncoat Pond

View of the pond in early autumn at Burncoat Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Burncoat Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, which encompasses the west side of its namesake pond, provides critical habitat for its resident and migratory wildlife.

With moderate-to-rugged trails, the sanctuary offers visitors an opportunity for peaceful walks—passing through fields, traversing hardwood-white pine forests, skirting wetlands, crossing over streams, and ending at the pond.



Trail Mileage

2 miles
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Sanctuary Highlights

  • Northerly view into Burncoat Pond from atop Richard’s Overlook, a large boulder off of Flat Rock Trail.
  • Mountain laurel, which bursts into delicate clouds of white and pink in late spring.
  • Deer, foxes, raccoons, beavers, otters, coyotes, fishers, muskrats, and bears along with a wide variety of birds, from the Wood Duck and Great Blue Heron to small sparrows and warblers.
  • Longer walks by visiting the Midstate Trail as well as the adjacent Greater Worcester Land Trust and Sibley Farm conservation area.
  • Programs offered through Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary.


Greenville Street, Spencer, MA 
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Trails: Open daily, dawn to dusk


Free, donations appreciated