Published on December 13, 2022

"Go Out Doors" to Find New Art at Brewster’s Woods

Door at Brewster's Woods

Trail hikers with a watchful eye are in for a surprise at Brewster’s Woods Wildlife Sanctuary in Concord – a mysterious door hidden between two tall pines on the edge of the meadow. Titled “Welcome to Brewster’s Woods,” the new art installation is the creation of architect/sculptor William Turville. Mass Audubon commissioned Turville to design and build the project as part of The Umbrella Art Center’s Go Out Doors: Neighbors 2022 public art exhibition, where local artists have created unique works of art from old doors all over the Metro West area. 

Mass Audubon’s goal for the project was to fashion a welcoming entry at one of the main trail intersections on the property, reflecting both the natural spirit of the sanctuary and some of the history behind it. Centered around an ancient weathered gate as the “door,” Turville created a portal from fence parts found on the sanctuary, antique implements, and branches and brush cleared from the woods by Mass Audubon staff. A quote from William Brewster, chosen by Mass Audubon, is wood-burned onto a slab of locally-sourced maple. The gate is ajar, to signal Mass Audubon’s welcoming of the public to this historic preserved woodland.

Sign on the door at Brewster's Woods

Turville’s work is often inspired by his immediate experience in a specific environment and his desire to create a change or develop a message regarding this experience. He is motivated by controversial or timely subjects, often related to environmental causes or social justice. As a sculptor, he has worked with many arts and environmental organizations and has enjoyed 13 years working with Mass Audubon on many projects at Drumlin Farm involving art installations and sculptures using local natural materials.

The door will remain there for visitors to find and enjoy until nature reclaims the wooden elements that compose it.

“Welcome to Brewster’s Woods” can be accessed from Mass Audubon’s trails at Brewster’s Woods Wildlife Sanctuary off of Balls Hill Road in Concord. The project is located along the Bluebird Field Loop, where the trail meets the southeast corner of the meadow. For parking information and a trail map, please visit