Strategic Priorities for CT River Valley Sanctuaries

Winter trail with hiking boot tracks in snow

For more than 70 years, we have been working towards Mass Audubon’s mission in the Connecticut River Valley—to protect the nature of Massachusetts for people and wildlife. While this mission is meaningful, it's also broad and needs a strategic approach to accomplish.

That's why, starting in June 2014, Mass Audubon completed a one-year, in-depth strategic planning process at the statewide level, the results of which will help guide all of our wildlife sanctuaries for the coming five years.

Then, starting in January 2015, Arcadia conducted its own local planning process. The goal of this localized effort was to gather input from the community to further assist Arcadia in prioritizing our work in the Connecticut River Valley. 

Our Priorities for 2016–2018

Three strategies emerged from this local process as the highest priorities, or Tier One Priorities, for our work in 2016–2018:

  1. Protect more land abutting our sanctuaries and other ecologically important properties.
  2. Increase school programming, both in schools and hosting school groups on sanctuaries, and include more climate change education in programs.
  3. Expand our presence throughout the Valley to raise awareness and engage a wider audience.

Also arising from this process were Tier 2 Priorities, which are projects that we will continue to explore in the coming years and will be implemented as opportunities arise.

If you have questions, input, or want to learn more about how to help us address our priorities, contact Sanctuary Director Jonah Keane at [email protected] or 413-584-3009 x5811.

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