Arcadia Sensory Trail

Sensory Trail at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

The trail begins at the north side of the nature center. This trail is an 850-foot accessible loop, beginning on a wooden boardwalk with a hand rail, continuing on a wide, level crushed stone path with a guide rope, and returning to the main entrance of the nature center. The boardwalk portion may be traveled in both directions if you prefer a shorter walk or decide not to continue on the path.

All stops along the trail are marked by a round wooden bead on the hand rail or along the guide rope. Within reach of the round bead, there is a sign with the stop name and number in print and Braille. A square bead indicates that there is seating nearby.

The first four stops are along the boardwalk next to a vernal pool. The next two stops are on a large deck that intersects the boardwalk from the right and separates the vernal pool from a fire pond — two very different wetland habitats.

From the deck, we continue on the boardwalk for two more stops as we transition to a field habitat. The last four stops will be on the path that encircles this managed grassland habitat. At the last stop, you’ll be directed back to this building.

On your way back, you might like to stop in the picnic area behind the Nature Center to have lunch or just spend time enjoying the sounds from the field and woods on either side.

We hope you’ll enjoy your visit and that this trail will open your senses in new ways.

Audio Tour

Listen on Your Phone

You can call and listen to the audio tour on your cell phone as you enjoy the trail. The phone number is 413-272-0006 (your normal cellphone charges apply). The phone tour has a menu so that you can select the stop you would like to hear about.

Download the Tour

You can download the Audio Tour and play it on your iPod or other MP3 player.

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Tour Stops

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