Bird-at-home-a-thon 2020 Official Activities List

Each activity is worth one point. There are 12 total points possible per participant. For families participating together, each family member can only earn one point for each activity regardless of how many times the family member completes the activity. 

Track Your Activities

Official Activities List

  • Complete the Bird Word Search
  • Take the Bird Match Up Quiz
  • Finish a Bird Bingo sheet by finding all the items in one row, column, or corner-to-corner line!
  • Fill in the Bird Coloring Page using crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.
  • Find as many items in the Scavenger Hunt as you can
  • Draw a picture of a bird
  • Take a picture of a bird you see
  • "Like" or "follow" your local Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary on social media (find the links on the Connect With Us page)
  • "Like" or "follow" Mass Audubon on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter
  • Fill your birdfeederunless you live in Western or Central Massachusetts*
  • Spot a piece of bird art already in your home
  • Make up a silly bird name—the more creative, the better!

*If you live in Western or Central MA, all seed & suet feeders should be removed from April 1-November 1 to avoid attracting black bears.

Share Your Activities!

If you want to share a picture of your completed activity during Bird-a-thon, we'd love to see it!

→ Post it on Mass Audubon's Facebook page
→ Share it on Instagram or Twitter by tagging @MassAudubon and including #mabirdathon in your post.
→ Upload it to our Bird-at-home-a-thon Digital Gallery—be sure to include your name in the filename so we know who to credit!

Bird Word Search

BAT 2020 Bird Word Search

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Bird Match Up Quiz

BAT 2020 Bird Match Up Quiz

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Coloring Page

Birds coloring page

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Bird Bingo

MA Bingo Card - Bird Bingo

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Scavenger Hunt

Bird-a-thon 2020 Scavenger Hunt card

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