Bird-a-thon 2021 Official Nature Activities

There are two ways to earn points for your Bird-a-thon Team—by birding at your own pace and/or by completing nature activities.

Track Your Points

You can download the worksheet below to help keep track of all your points as you earn them during Bird-a-thon.

Share Your Photos

We'd also love to see how you Bird-a-thon! There are several ways to share pictures of your completed activities with Mass Audubon and your fellow participants:

→ Post images on Mass Audubon's Facebook page
→ Share them on Instagram or Twitter by tagging @MassAudubon and including #mabirdathon in your post.
→ Upload your photos to the Bird-a-thon 2021 Digital Gallery—be sure to include your name in the filename so we know who to credit!

Birding/Birdwatching Points

Download the Official Bird-a-thon 2021 Species Checklist and keep track of how many bird species you see or hear between 6pm on May 14 and 6pm on May 15. Each species you record is worth 1 point.

Remember to only count each species once per participating individual OR family. For example, if you see 5 American Robins and another family member sees 3 American Robins, you would still only count this as 1 species point for your whole family.

Nature Activity Points

Each completed activity is worth 1 point unless otherwise stated. For families participating together, each family member can only earn one point for each activity completed, regardless of how many times they complete the activity.

  • Pick up 10 pieces of trash
  • Draw a picture of a bird
  • Share a picture you took of one of the birds you spotted
  • Make up a silly bird name—get creative!
  • Fill up your birdfeeder only if it won't attract unwanted wildlife* and/or make your own pine cone birdfeeder.
  • Complete the Bird Word Search
  • Take the Bird Match-Up Quiz
  • Finish a Spring Bingo card by finding all items in a row, column, or diagonal line!
  • Complete a  Nature Coloring Page using crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.
  • 5 points for being a first-timer! Give yourself 5 points if this is the first time you’ve ever participated in Bird-a-thon.
  • 10 points for being green! Only use carbon-free ways of traveling (walk, bike, kayak, etc.) during Bird-a-thon.
  • 15 points for finding at least half of the items on the 125th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt 
    25 points for completing the entire scavenger hunt

*If you live in an area where bear activity has been documented, all seed & suet feeders should be removed from April 1–November 1 to avoid attracting Black Bears.

Bird Word Search

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Bird Match Up Quiz

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Scavenger Hunt

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Spring Bingo

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Nature Coloring Pages

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