Bird-a-thon 2014 Results

Mass Audubon Bird-a-thon 2014


Bird-a-thon, our annual fundraiser where teams of birders spend 24 hours trying to spot the most species in Massachusetts, took place on May 16-17, 2014. While the birding has stopped, there’s still time to help us reach our fundraising goal.

Since the event began 1983, thousands of dedicated supporters and team members have raised more than $2 million to support Mass Audubon’s wildlife sanctuaries and programs across the state.

This year, we are especially thankful for the…

  • 2,045 people who made gifts to those 215 pages
  • 800 plus people who were members of the 29 teams
  • 300 plus people who made gifts via our website or mail
  • 215 people who set up fundraising pages in Firstgiving
  • Dozens of folks who raised funds by methods other than Firstgiving

Bird-a-thon 2014 Winners

Brewster Cup (1st place most species seen) Drumlin Farm, 231 species

The Forbush Award (2nd place most species seen) Wellfleet Bay 225 species

Hatheway Cup (1st place money raised) Drumlin Farm, $42,000.00

The $ Cup (2nd place money raised) Joppa Flats, $28,381.00

Statewide Migration Award (greatest % increase in fundraising total from the previous year) Wachusett Meadow – with an increase of 92% over last year – Congratulations Wachusett Meadow!

Regional Migration Awards

Teams showing the greatest percentage increase in fundraising dollars in their region from 2013 to 2014 – excluding the 2014 Statewide Migration Award.  All will receive a Mass Audubon funded pizza or ice cream party for their Bird-a-thon team.

  • Greater Boston /North Shore – Habitat Education Center with a 5.5% increase from 2013 to 2014
  • Southeast /Islands – South Shore Sanctuaries with a 31% increase from 2013 to 2014 (a repeat performance!)
  • Headquarters/Programs – Bird Conservation Team with a 69.5% increase from  2013 to 2014     
  • Central and West Plus – Connecticut River Valley Sanctuaries with a 57.4% increase from 2013 to 2014

Statewide Top Individual Fundraiser

Kathy  Seymour, who raised $18,425 this year for Drumlin Farm. This makes nine straight seasons as Bird-a-thon’s top fundraiser. We will once again offer Kathy a birding experience of her choice as her prize for being top fundraiser. We can’t find any better words to express our gratitude to Kathy for her phenomenal fundraising, than to simply say our most heartfelt thank you. Kathy, you’re the best!

Top Three Fundraisers by Region (non-staff)

Each will receive a $25 Mass Audubon gift card – for use in our gift shops or towards programs fees.

  • Greater Boston/North Shore – Ann Gurka (Joppa Flats), Marygrace Barber (Boston Nature Center), Dave Weaver (Joppa Flats)
  • Southeast/Islands – Ivan Ace (Wellfleet Bay), Janet Drohan (Wellfleet Bay),  Ann Vaughan (Wellfleet Bay)
  • Central/West – Anne Lombard (Connecticut River Valley), Larry Pistrang (Wachusett Meadow), Bette Robo (Broad Meadow Brook)
  • Headquarters/Others – Michael Pappone (IBA)

Young Birders Award

For any birder 18 or younger who raises $200 or more will receive set of three Mass Audubon laminate guides.

  • Jonah Boardman, Drumlin Farm
  • Shoshana Boardman, Drumlin Farm
  • Miriam Boardman, Drumlin Farm
  • Alexa Thomas, Drumlin Farm
  • Michael Perkins, Drumlin Farm
  • Holden Brew, Felix Neck
  • Henri Engstrom, Gordon’s Gaggle
  • Izzy Houseman, Gordon’s Gaggle
  • Michael Perkins, Drumlin Farm
  • Owen Lawson, Broad Meadow Brook

High Flyers Award

Any fundraiser who raised $500 or more will receive an invitation to attend 1 of 2 birding outings with the president of Mass Audubon and a star staff birder. This year’s High Flyers are:

Ivan Ace, Jan Adams, Ellen Adams, Josie Anderson, Biff Atwater, Mike Baird, Marygrace & Peter Barber, Chris Barber, Suzan Bellincampi, Janet Bissel, Bruce Black, Julie Brandlen, Holden  Brew, Mary Brogan, Marie Broudy, Paul Champlin, Jeff Collins, Peter Crosson, Pat Donahue, Jean  Dorcus, Janet Drohan, Liz Duff, Darcy Duke, Ryan Evans, Gail Fenton, Christy Foote-Smith, Dan Fournier, Nora  Frank, Bill Gette, Ida Giriunas, Nat Goddard, Steve Grinley, Rita Grossman, Barbara Guay, Ann Gurka, Marion Hammond, Melissa Hansen, Susan Hardy, Bobbie Hodson, Jess Huddy, Philip Hunsaker, Lisa Hutchings, Ian Ives, Elissa Landre, Dave Larson,  Chris  Leahy, Anne Lombard, David Ludlow, Sue Mac, Andy Magee, Henry and  Deb Mauer, Ellen McBride, Keelin Miller, Cathy Minkiewicz, Joanne Normandin, Karen O'Neill, Patty O'Neill, Michael Pappone, Jackie Pascucci, Fran Perler, Wayne Petersen, Tia Pinney, Lawrence Pistrang, Linda Pivacek, Gina  Purtell, John and Linda  Riehl, Paul Roberts, Bette Robo, Peggy Sagan, Marsha Salett, Kathy Seymour, Patty Shannon, Gwen Shipley, Lynn Southey, Mary Lou Splain, Fred  Streams,  Ava  Steenstrup, Patti  Steinman, Kathy  Stevens, Sandy Sutherland, Alicia Svenson, Ann Vaughan, Joan Walsh, Chris Walz, Dave Weaver, Linda Welter, Strickland Wheelock, Doug Williams, Mary Wolf, Lauretta Woods, Roger Wrubel, Henrietta Yelle, Julia Yoshida

Final results by team

Team Name

# of Species

Amount Pledged

Allens Pond 172  $3,326.09
Berkshires 183  $4,447.50
Bird Conservation* 148 $11,213.44
Blue Hills                                                                                                           214 $2,564.66
Boston Nature Center 114 $10,021.13
Broad Meadow Brook  152 $2,485.30
Broadmoor 178 $3,500.00
Coastal Waterbird Program 183 $2,300.00
Connecticut River Valley 189 $4,246.97
Drumlin Farm 231 $42,000.00
Education 75 $994.61
Felix Neck 121 $4,890.58
Gordon’s Gaggle 134 $8,964.07
Habitat 162 $6,613.35
IBA 142 $11,503.97
Ipswich River 201 $12,709.00
Joppa Flats 177 $28,381.00 Essex county only
Long Pasture 183 $ 9,073.00
Moose Hill 204 $1,437.77
Oak Knoll 72 $692.68
Salt Marsh Science 153 $2,588.22
South Shore 144 $8,311.64 Plymouth county only
Stony Brook 174 $5,572.47
Wachusett Meadow 137 $3,080.30
Wellfleet Bay 225 $18,601.13
Wildwood 151 $363.84

*Beginning in 2014 the Bird Conservation team includes the Gerald A. Bertrand Chair, Ecological Management, and Bird Conservation divisions.