2006 Bird-a-thon Results & Highlights

Our annual Bird-a-thon was a great success despite what can only be described as horrendous birding conditions. Intermittent to steady rain, strong E-NE winds, and record-setting flooding in some areas made this Bird-thon one of the most challenging in the 23-year history of the event. And yet, intrepid birders braved the elements and many birds were spotted. Drumlin Farm won the Brewster Cup and the Hatheway Cup—for the second year in a row. The total amount raised-to-date is $88,381—even in the rain-soaked weekend.


Trophy Winners
Brewster Cup (most species seen) - Drumlin Farm (211 species)
Forbush Award (2nd place most species seen) - Ipswich River (197 species)
Hatheway Cup (most money raised) - Drumlin Farm ($22,200)
The $ Cup (2nd place most money raised) - Joppa Flats ($15,000)
Statewide Migration Award (greatest percentage increase in fundraising): Broad Meadow Brook (41% increase)
IBA Regional Award - NEW this year: For the team that sees the highest % of species of all teams birding according to IBA Regional Award rules: Broad Meadow Brook
Thanks to Wellfleet Bay and the IBA program for also participating in this first year effort.

Final Results by Sanctuary


# of Birders

Species Counted

2006 Estimated Total

Allens Pond 35 127  $1,000
Arcadia  50 185 $2,300
Berkshires 35 175 $3,667
Blue Hills 39 192 $4,000
Boston Nature Center 45 147 $5,000
Broad Meadow Brook-IBA 27 158 $6,585
Broadmoor 39 152 $2,000
Drumlin Farm 47 211 $22,200
Endicott 13 110 $1,500
Gordon's Gaggle 26 87 $4,200
Habitat 15 128 $1,592
IBA Team 12 120 $3,000
Ipswich River 45 197 $5,524
Joppa Flats 43 174 $15,000
Moose Hill 20 100 $1,200
Oak Knoll 3 18 $300
Stony Brook 22 135 $5,000
Wachusett Meadows 44 125 $1,500
Wellfleet Bay - IBA 32 128 $2,600
Wildwood 2 69 $213
Total 594   $88,381

Regional Migration Awards

For sanctuaries/teams showing the greatest percentage increase in fundraising from 2005 to 2006 (the percentage increase is based on the actual results from 2005 and the totals reported on the 2006 BAT Financial Report form). All will receive a Mass Audubon funded pizza or ice cream party for the staff or Bird-a-thon team.
Greater Boston: Boston Nature Center (34% increase)
Central/Western: Wachusett Meadow (27% increase) 
Southeast and Islands: Allens Pond (7% increase)

Top Individual Fundraisers 

For the individual team members (non-staff) raising the most money for their team. (Minimum of $250 raised each)

Statewide Top Individual Fundraiser

This year, due to outstanding performance in this category, we will recognize the top two individual fundraisers. Each winner will receive a Song Sleuth.
Ann Gurka, Joppa Flats, $10,058
Kathy Clayton, Drumlin Farm, $8,600

Top Three Fundraisers by Region

Each will receive a Mass Audubon backpack
Greater Boston
Sue Coe, Drumlin Farm, $1,500
Peter Duffy, Ipswich River, $1,200
Jackie Pascucci, Drumlin Farm, $1,175

Southeast and Islands
Chip Walker, Stony Brook, $1,000
Danny Fournier, $1,000 (also receives a Young Birder Award!)
Dave Wiinikainen, Moose Hill, $350

Anne Lombard, Arcadia, $1,635
Michael Walker, Broad Meadow Brook, $1,190
Dan Russell, Arcadia, $400

Young Birders Award

Any birder under the age of 18 raising $200 or more. Will receive a Mass Audubon cap. 
Danny Fournier, Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, $1,000

Outstanding Species Sightings

The storm this year was responsible for unusual sightings such as shearwaters, storm-petrels, phalaropes, and jaegers, all of which are seabirds that were blown close to shore, and in a couple cases, even to inland localities. Specific species in this category include greater, sooty, and Manx shearwater, Wilson's and Leach's storm-petrel, red-necked and red phalarope, pomarine and parasitic jaeger, and common murre. Other especially notable sightings included a king rail at Great Meadows Refuge in Concord, a willet observed inland at Quabbin Reservoir, a very late snowy owl at Plum Island, and white-winged crossbills feeding young in Windsor for only the second-ever confirmed nesting record in Massachusetts.


The total number of participants was up to 594 this year. And 123 birders that took part in the event were awarded the Feathered Friend Award-t he first ever Bird-a-thon t-shirt for birders who raised at least $75 in sponsor pledges or obtained at least 10 sponsors. Congratulations to all of you who successfully recruited new people and raise money for this important effort.

Thank you to everyone who made this year's Bird-a-thon such a success.