Community Science

Mass Audubon offers many opportunities to participate in wildlife research and protection efforts as a community science volunteer. Community science depends on the research of dedicated individuals and teams working to gather data that can be compiled and analyzed to further our understanding of the natural world.

Current Projects

Swirling cluster of fireflies © Jonathan McElvery
Fireflies © Jonathan McElvery

Firefly Watch combines a fun summer evening ritual with scientific research. Join a network of community scientists across the country by observing your own backyard all the while helping scientists map fireflies. Join the project >



Mass Audubon eBird portal hotspot map

eBird is a free, user-friendly online platform that allows birders across the world to record, share, and explore their observations at any time. Get started >

Black-throated Green Warbler that died from a window collision
Black-throated Green Warbler

Skyscrapers are not solely responsible for the 300-900 million birds that die each year from colliding with windows. Single-family homes also play an important role, and they vastly outnumber tall city buildings in the US. The average house kills several birds per year, but the victims are easily overlooked. Please help monitor collisions at your residence to help us understand the problem. Get involved >