Report Owl Sightings

baby owl © Robert Baron
© Robert Baron

Have you seen or heard an owl in Massachusetts? We want to know about it! You can report your discoveries in our online sighting tool. These reports provide valuable information about the owl population in the state. And snowy owl sightings during the winter help with Mass Audubon's Snowy owl research.

When reporting a sighting, please be sure to include:

  • Where you saw or heard it. You can pinpoint the exact location on our interactive Google map.
  • When you saw or heard it.
  • Whether it was involved in nesting activities – e.g., incubating, feeding young
  • Any other notes or details you’d like to share about the sighting

Report sightings for:

Not sure which owl your saw or heard?

Visit our Nature & Wildlife section on owls to see images and hear the calls of the eight common species seen in Massachusetts.