Report Oriole Sightings

Baltimore oriole © Kristin Foresto, Mass Audubon
Baltimore oriole © Kristin Foresto, Mass Audubon

Baltimore orioles may visit a backyard or park near you during the warmer months of the year. These vibrant birds depart wintering grounds as early as the first week in February and arrive in Massachusetts punctually the first week of May.

Adults head south from Massachusetts by early August, while immature birds linger to late August and early September, arriving on wintering grounds from late August to mid-October.

Although less common and less well known than the Baltimore oriole, the orchard oriole quietly roams open areas with scattered tree cover in search of insects and fruit to eat, and is willing to call well-wooded suburban neighborhoods home as well as park-like settings.

When reporting a sighting, please be sure to include:

  • If you saw a Baltimore oriole or orchard oriole.
  • Where you saw the oriole(s). You can pinpoint the exact location on our interactive Google map.
  • When you saw the oriole(s) and how many you saw.
  • Whether it is engaged in nesting or feeding young.
  • Any other notes or observations you have.

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