The Oriole Project

Baltimore Oriole © Eric Hayward
Baltimore Oriole © Eric Hayward

Baltimore orioles are found throughout the Commonwealth during the spring and summer. They frequent a wide variety of habitats including riparian forests, woodlands along country lanes, and city parks. While Baltimore orioles are still relatively common here, scientists have detected local population declines and have proposed that the species be monitored.

The goal of the Mass Audubon Oriole Project is to enlist as many citizen scientists as possible in building a database about the breeding status of these magnificent birds. More than 1,500 people have sent over 14,000 reports of orioles, giving us a great baseline to continue our studies. The data we collect will form the foundation for future conservation efforts to ensure that this beautiful vocalist will be a permanent part of the New England landscape.

The Oriole Project is part of a larger bird conservation effort called Birds to Watch that Mass Audubon is developing to ensure that birds have a future in the modern world.

How You Can Help

You can become one of our citizen scientists by helping to document the presence of Baltimore orioles in your neighborhood or community. Mass Audubon is asking people to record observations of Baltimore orioles and their nests in their backyards or favorite open spaces. You don't need to have any birding experience to participate.

To participate, look for an oriole from April through July. The best evidence is an active nest; however, the presence of singing males and/or adult females during the breeding season is also of great interest.

We also have resources for teachers who are interested in creating a program at their school based on the Oriole Project. Learn More