Birds to Watch

Barn swallows on wire © Nathan Goshgarian
© Nathan Goshgarian

Birds to Watch 

Baltimore oriole April - July

American kestrel April - August

Cliff swallow May - July

Eastern whip-poor-will April - September

In order to understand why common birds are declining, Mass Audubon created Birds to Watch. The goal of Birds to Watch is to protect declining bird species in Massachusetts before they become endangered by:

  • Tracking populations of birds, which, though declining, do not yet appear on any endangered species list
  • Enlisting the help of as many citizen scientists and bird watchers as possible throughout Massachusetts to help us record birds
  • Working at the local level to gather information throughout the state rather than concentrating on biological hotspots
  • Creating a web-based data entry system that makes it easy to contribute to the project and then to view the progress we are making

In fact, because of citizen science efforts at Mass Audubon, the eastern whip-poor-will, one of the inaugural Birds to Watch, was recently listed as a Species of Special Concern in Massachusetts, affording it more protection.

Get Involved

Please consider participating in our Baltimore oriole, American kestrel, and Cliff Swallow projects.