Report American Kestrel Sightings

American kestrel © Mark Thorne
American kestrel © Mark Thorne

American kestrels are seriously declining in Massachusetts—and they need your help. Because kestrels take readily to human-made nest boxes, we can provide ready-made nesting locations for these attractive falcons. However, to focus our efforts where they will do the most good, we need to know more about what sorts of nesting habitats kestrels are using in Massachusetts.

Every kestrel sighting tells us something about how kestrels use the landscape, and with the help of our eagle-eyed volunteers, these raptors can take the first step to staging a comeback in the Bay State.

When reporting a sighting, please be sure to include:

  • Where you saw the kestrel(s). You can pinpoint the exact location on our interactive Google map.
  • When you saw the kestrel(s), and how many you saw.
  • Whether it is engaged in nesting or feeding young, or if you think there may be a nest nearby.
  • Any other notes or observations you have.