Landscapes Discovered: Pastels of New England by Cindy House

May 14 - September 13, 2009
Summer Sunset © Cindy House
Summer Sunset © Cindy House

From the artist - "My life-long fascination with birds and bird art has grown to include the environment that surrounds them. I am inspired by the seemingly endless colors, textures and patterns that landscape has to offer."

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Artist‘s Bio

Cindy House, born in Rhode Island in 1952, grew up in the coastal town of Bristol along   Mt. Hope Bay. From the time she could first walk, she followed her mother, a natural history teacher and photographer, into the woods, fields, and along the shorelines to observe nature. She first developedan interest in wildlife art during high school while working at a local bird sanctuary. Rather than art, she chose to study wildlife biology while at the University of Maine. It was during her final year that the urge to express herself creatively became overwhelming and she took on an assignment to design, write and illustrate a small handbook on wildlife for the Boy Scouts of America. It was this handbook that prompted initial interest in her work. Read More