Shinrin-Yoku "Forest Breathing" Guided Sanctuary Walks

Sponsored by Wachusett Meadow


Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Princeton MA


Dr. Roxanne Daleo - Health Educator






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Slow down and breathe in the "medicine" of nature.
Connect with the natural world in a healing, calming, and
replenishing way through a series of gentle guided walks
with Dr. Roxanne Daleo, a renowned health educator who
specializes in relaxation and stress reduction. Look to the
wisdom of nature for effective ways to relax and reinvigorate
yourself, and learn methods for revisiting and reliving
these calming experiences when you are feeling anxious,
lonely, or depressed. Dr. Daleo trained at Harvard Division
of Behavioral Medicine and has more than 25 years of
experience as a clinician, instructor, and consultant in a
variety of business and health care settings.

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113 Goodnow Road
Princeton, MA 01541