Breeding Birds- Online

June 28, 2022 (Tuesday) 7:00-8:30pm








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Summer is the perfect time to watch Massachusetts birds pair up, build nests, and fledge their young. In this course, you will explore the elaborate displays and songs male birds use to attract a mate and defend territory and the subsequent intricacies of nest building, incubation, parental care, and fledging. You will learn how to find breeding birds near you, how to observe without disturbing them, and how to understand the fascinating behaviors you see.

Meet your Presenters:

Kathy Seymour, bird and nature lover who has been leading bird trips, teaching classes, and conducting bird banding research at Drumlin Farm for over fifteen years.

Jane Sender, an avid birder who enjoys teaching others about birds and co-leading bird trips with Kathy for Drumlin Farm.

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