Nighthawks - Online

Sponsored by Mass Audubon Education
August 10, 2021 (Tuesday) 7:00-8:30pm




Patti Steinman - Education Coordinator, Arcadia; Jon Atwood - Mass Audubon Director of Bird Conservation Research; Martha Gach - Education Manager and Teacher Naturalist, Broad Meadow Brook






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A favorite late summer ritual for many nature-lovers is watching for nighthawks in the late afternoon and evening skies. One of the first birds to migrate, this not-so-common relative of the whippoorwill is recognized by its pointed wings and erratic flight as it catches insects on the fly. This online presentation will introduce common nighthawk life history, behavior, and ecological niche. You'll also learn about population trends, why nighthawks and other aerial insectivores seem to be declining, and the best times and places to see this bird in the coming weeks.

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