Wildlife on Tap Lecture Series: The Secret Lives of New England Sharks

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March 27, 2019 (Wednesday) 6:00pm - 8:00pm


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The Wildlife on Tap lecture series at Cape Cod Beer is a special event each winter where attendees can learn about wildlife over some fine beverages. Each presenter in the series is an expert in the field. Come have a beer and learn something new about some of Cape Cod's majestic creatures from the charismatic individuals who have made it their life's mission to protect!

2019 Schedule

1/23/2019 Changes in New England Bird Population

Presented by: Wayne R. Petersen, Director of the Massachusetts Important Bird Area Program, Mass Audubon

Since the arrival of the Pilgrims in the 1600s, bird populations in New England have undergone many changes due to alteration of the New England landscape, persecution of birds for feathers and food,pesticide contamination, competition with introduced species, natural biological competition among avian species and range expansion and contraction likely resulting from global climate change. This presentation will discuss and describe these various phenomena within a New England context.

2/27/2019 Learning About Whales by Eavesdropping on Their Songs

Presented By: Salvatore Cerchio Ph.D. Visiting scientist with the New England Aquarium and Guest Investigator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

From the barely audible throbbing of blue whales, to the hauntingly spectacular growls and screams of humpbacks, whales sing. These sirens of the sea perform a diverse and powerful symphony across the globe, with as many different song types as there are species that sing them. This lecture will explore the diversity of whale song, ranging from simple pulses of fin whales to the complex and intricate patterns of humpback whales, and present some very new discoveries about the baleen whales in the Southwest Indian Ocean, including the newly discovered and mysterious Omura's whale off northwest Madagascar.

3/27/19 The Secret Lives of New England sharks

Presented By: Simon Thorrold, Ph.D, Senior Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The ocean around New England is home to a stunning array of pelagic sharks and rays, yet we know remarkably little about the ecology of these amazing predators. This is problematic for effective conservation and management of their populations and, in one notable case (the white shark), public safety. We are using satellite tags to gain a better understanding of the shark and ray movements in the North Atlantic Ocean, with some surprising results. Closing the knowledge gap on pelagic predators in our waters is essential if we are to effectively conserve these species in the face of increasing pressure on ocean ecosystem services and the potential effects of climate change on the global ocean.

4/24/2019 Fish Tales: Restoring the Coonamessett River

Presented By: Linda Deegan,Ph.D. Woods Hole Research Center

Coastal rivers and the fish that inhabit them have been important throughout teh history of New England. Join us to hear the tale of the Coonamessett River, once so full of herring that a war was fought over the harvest.But, later, teh abundant herring perished when the river was straightened and dammed for waterpower and agriculture. Today, through restoration, this crown jewel of Falmouth is coming full circle back to being a river with plentiful fish and natural scenic beauty. Dr. Deegan will discuss how her work on herring migration has helped to shape the river's restoration.

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