Outdoor Adventures for Families: Tide Pool Zonation


Sandy Point State Reservation, Ipswich MA


Lisa Hutchings - Family and Early Education Coordinator


- children 6 - 11 years


Adult $14.00, Child $12.00


Adult $18.00, Child $16.00
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Learn about fall and early winter wildlife with your family in the woods, around wetlands, and along the shore. Lisa Hutchings and her team will assist with the identification of creatures, provide small group challenges, and share their joy and knowledge about the natural world. Sign up for one or all of these educational outdoor excursions and see nature through the lens of a naturalist!

Joppa Flats will provide all field gear and equipment. This is not a drop-off class; all children must be accompanied by at least one adult. All adults are expected to participate in the program.

9/10: Old Town Hill, Newbury
This Trustees property offers a spectacular mix of tidal rivers, salt marsh, open field, and woodlands that support ground-nesting birds and serve as hunting grounds for hawks and owls. Mud snails, green crabs, and ribbed mussels live in the tidal creeks and provide food for wading birds, such as egrets and Great Blue Herons.

10/1: Tide Pool Zonation at Sandy Point State Reservation, Plum Island
The tide is low at this rocky beach, home to crabs, hermit crabs, moon snails, and other marine invertebrates. Let's learn about how these creatures grow, adapt, and survive in the tide pools. We'll tow for plankton that we'll look at through microscopes and find out how important it is to the health of the ocean.

11/19: Life at the Edge of Lake Gardner, Amesbury
Let's take a morning hike near Lake Gardner! We'll look for mushrooms, listen for woodpeckers, and watch squirrels and chipmunks as they make their nests and store food for winter. We will walk the trail that runs along the lake to Battis Farm and then up to the top of Powow Hill, with its breathtaking view from Batchelder Park.

12/17: Winter Wildlife Preparations at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Topsfield
Beavers, coyote, and deer, oh my! Mammals are storing food, putting on fat, thickening their fur, and winterizing their homes for winter. Let's see what evidence of these preparations we can find in the woods and wetlands as we use our science eyes for this hike around the remarkable rockery.

Instructions and Directions:

Prior to the program, you will receive an email with information on where to meet, parking and facilities details, driving directions, and other guidelines. Dress for the weather and terrain.

Mass Audubon Cancellation Policy: If you wish to withdraw less than seven days prior to the program, refunds cannot be issued. If we cancel the program, you will be refunded in full.

Registration is required.

Meeting Place:

Sandy Point State Reservation, Ipswich MA
Email [email protected] for more information.