Volunteer Pepperweed Pull

July 12, 2022 (Tuesday) 9:00-11:00am


Newburyport/Plum Island area


- children 12 & up


Nonmembers can join today during checkout and take immediate advantage of member prices.

Join our group of avid Perennial Pepperweed pullers! Volunteers are an important part of our annual effort to keep this invasive plant from taking over the edge of the Great Marsh. We'll caravan together with each group of up to 30 volunteers to the designated pulling spot, where we'll direct you on pulling effectively. As our many hands make light work of fending off this threat to biodiversity, you'll learn about our additional efforts to steward the Great Marsh.

Children ages 12 to 18 are welcome but must be accompanied by adults. Choose one or both dates: June 25 and July 12.

Instructions and Directions:

Meet at Joppa Flats Education Center, from where we'll caravan to the pull site. Pulling can be done from a standing position and will take about two hours. Dress for the weather and wear waterproof boots. Protect yourself from biting insects and sun. You'll receive an email with more detailed instructions the day before the program.

Registration is required.

Meeting Place:

Newburyport/Plum Island area
Email [email protected] for more information.