Birds and Art: Collage Creation

March 25, 2023 (Saturday) 10:00am-1:00pm


Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, Topsfield


Sarah Courchesne - Program Ornithologist






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Field guides to birds focus heavily on what they look like, but knowing and appreciating birds is about so much more than appearance -- it's about each bird's way of moving, the foods they like, and where and when they tend to turn up. This program will focus on observing birds in the wild, and then interpreting our observations through the art form of collage. We will start with a bird walk and meet some of our feathered neighbors on the sanctuary's trails. After an hour and a half outside, we will head to the classroom and create collages that capture the vibe and feel of our favorite birds. No previous experience in birdwatching or art making is required. All levels are welcome, and we will be focusing especially on beginner birdwatchers and artists. Bring binoculars if you have them, or borrow some of ours. All art supplies will be provided.

Instructions and Directions:

Meets at Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield. Preregistration is required. Bring binoculars and a field guide to birds if you have one or borrow some of ours. Wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather. The outdoor portion of the program will involve an hour of walking and standing on dirt trails and wooden boardwalks. Some of the trails are uneven and moderately steep. We will remain within 1-1.5 miles of accessible restrooms throughout the program.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If cancellations are made less than 7 days prior to the program, refunds cannot be issued.

Registration is required.

Meeting Place:

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
87 Perkins Row
Topsfield, MA 01983
Email [email protected] for more information.