April Vacation Week: Thursday- Nature's Design

Sponsored by Habitat
April 23, 2020 (Thursday) (9:00am - 3:30pm)


Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, Belmont MA


Habitat Staff; Jane Higgins - Education Coordinator/ Camp Director


(suitable for children 5 - 9 years)




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Spend your school vacation at Habitat, exploring and learning about nature through the seasons. We offer programs for children in grades K-6. Under the supervision of staff instructors, participants engage in various environmental education activities, games, crafts, and scientific experiments that focus on seasonal natural history. Participants spend at least half of each day outdoors except during extremely cold or stormy weather. Participants will receive additional information upon registration. (You may sign up for 1-4 days of programming.)

For grades K-3

Tuesday, April 21: Forest Frolic

Come swing from the trees and tunnel underground. Hide in a log and don't make a sound. Explore the forest, the home sweet home of the squirrel, worm, oak, and gnome.

Wednesday, April 22: Eco-Action

It's Earth Day! Let's celebrate by learning Earth-friendly ways to live each day.

Thursday, April 23: Nature's Design

Have you ever wondered why zebras have stripes or why flowers have bright colors? Discover nature's amazing patterns, shapes, and colors that help organisms to survive.

Friday, April 24: For the Birds

Flying, nest-building, and singing. It's all for the birds. Learn more about our feathered friends and find out who is flying around Habitat

Instructions and Directions:

Participants spend at least half of each day outdoors except during extremely cold or stormy weather. Upon registration, participants will receive a link to download information and forms.

Registration is required.
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