Surviving Winter: Coping Strategies for Your Happiest, Healthiest Self

Sponsored by Blue Hills


Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Milton MA


Darlene Ann Bradlee - B.F.A., PMA-CPT, E-RYT


(suitable for adults ages 16 & up)




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We naturally have less energy to burn during the winter, the “yin” season. So when we engage in “yang” behaviors—like staying up late and attending parties—it's no wonder that the forced cheer of the holiday season can wear a bit thin. We should invite winter's darkness as a period of retreat, renewal, and reflection, when all of nature slows down, including us.

This workshop uses strategies and activities that complement the character of the season, safeguarding your physical energy and mental well-being. The first part of this workshop is the gentle act of walking outdoors and enjoying the unique beauty and serenity winter brings to the landscape. We'll complete our hike with a thoughtful, meditative silence for the last segment of our outdoor time. The program then moves indoors for a session of restorative, gentle yoga appropriate for all levels of experience. The instructor will lead a learning session discussing Ayurvedic techniques (yoga's sister science) for total body care, how to keep up our “happiness quotient,” and strategies for coping with winter's unique challenges. We'll wrap up the program by practicing deep relaxation.

About the instructor:

Darlene Bradlee (B.F.A., PMA®-CPT, E-RYT)has been lifelong ‘mover': hiker, dancer, and outdoor enthusiast. For more than 35 years she has taught in the realms of dance, yoga and Pilates. Since 2002, she has brought her extensive movement experience of yoga and Pilates into corporate settings, health clubs, workshops, and international retreats. In late December of 2012, a broken back halted her life for nearly a year. She attributes her recovery to a dedicated practice of mindful movement, but also to nature, who she feels is the greatest healer of all. She is a compassionate, dedicated teacher who respects all levels of students.

Instructions and Directions:

Please bring drinking water and wear layered warm clothing and walking/hiking shoes. Bring a yoga mat or something similar, plus a large blanket and a firm pillow

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Milton, MA 02186