Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Meadow at Wachusett Meadow with tree on left and grass trail
Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary, Princeton

Accessibility at Wachusett Meadow

Mass Audubon strives to create a welcoming presence for a wide range of visitors, including making our sanctuaries and nature centers more accessible for all to enjoy.

Accessible Features

  • Nature Center
  • Restrooms
  • Mary E. Nagle Pavilion
  • All Persons Trail

Trail Conditions

Trail surfaces at Wachusett Meadow vary and are also affected by weather conditions. Please call the office (978-464-2712) for guidance and updated information on the condition of our accessible trails.

All Persons Trail

The trail can loosely be thought to be “Y” shaped with the initial section 342 feet in length, and then branching to a 338-foot leg and a 405-foot leg. Seating along the way includes a garden swing, benches, flat boulders, rocking and stationary chairs, and accessible picnic tables. 

Note that the Pavilion, located directly behind the Visitor Center, is also an accessible picnic space. Trail surfacing varies and includes sections of pavement, brick path, crushed gravel, and grass paving. 

There are no stairs, and the surfacing, width, and slope are ADA-compliant. Grass paving remains firm and level in all conditions and the trail is maintained with regular mowing, but it is not cleared of snow in winter.

Please Note: All trails are open year-round; however, trails are not maintained during winter weather so surfaces and footing may be slippery.


The trail is four tenths of a mile long, beginning at the Visitor Center and then traversing to its destinations. It is an out and back trail, not a loop. The full tour typically takes an hour to complete.


  • A historic barn
  • A rain garden
  • A boardwalk that overlooks a beaver wetland
  • Eight interpretive stops featuring the history and natural history of this wildlife sanctuary
  • A life-size tactile sculpture of a snapping turtle
  • Items available to borrow: all-terrain wheelchair, rollator walker, seat cane, walking and hiking sticks, binoculars, audio player, field guides, printed trail booklets, braille tour book and tactile maps, and family-friendly education and activity materials.

Print Guides

Experience this trail in your own way or follow the interpretive tour, which is available as an audio recording or in a printed booklet (pre-designed or customizable) or braille formats. 

The trail tour booklets, as well as a tactile trail map, are available at the visitor information desk in the Office. When the Office is open, a staff member can be reached at 978-464-2712.

Audio Tour

The audio tour is available to listen to or download or you can borrow a listening device by contacting us in advance by phone at 978-464-2712 or by emailing [email protected].

download 01 - Welcome (13 MB)
download 02 - Navigation to Meadow (4 MB)
download 03 - Meadow (12.4 MB)
download 05 - Goodnow Barn (6.9 MB)
download 06 - Navigation to Swallows (2 MB)
download 07 - Swallows (10.2 MB)
download 09 - Beaver Wetland (7.8 MB)
download 10 - Navigation to Red Oak (1.5 MB)
download 11 - Red Oak (12.9 MB)
download 12 - Navigation to Rain Garden (3.4 MB)
download 13 - Rain Garden (10.1 MB)
download 14 - Navigation to Picnic Shed (4.5 MB)
download 15 - Picnic Shed (6.8 MB)
download 17 - Snapping Turtle (8.8 MB)
download 18 - Navigation to End (7.7 MB)

Thank You

Special thanks to the accessibility consultants, volunteers, and all others that helped to make this project possible. Mass Audubon thanks the following organizations and individuals for their generous support.

  • Acadian Asset Management
  • Alvarium Foundation
  • Aubuchon Foundation
  • Barbara Palm
  • Barre Savings Charitable Foundation  
  • DCR Recreational Trails Program
  • Donald Kalischer
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Fields Pond Foundation
  • Gardner Lions Club
  • George A. Ramlose Foundation
  • Grace Miller
  • Hubbardston Lions Club
  • Leominster Lions Club
  • Memorial Foundation for the Blind
  • Nolin Family
  • Nypro Foundation
  • Petersham Lions Club
  • Rosemary Davis Memorial Fund at Greater Worcester Community Foundation
  • Rutland Lions Association
  • Stoddard Charitable Trust
  • The George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Foundation
  • The Goodnow Fund
  • The Lions of Central MA District 33A
  • The New Moon Charitable Fund
  • The Nordblom Family Foundation
  • Westminster Lions Club