Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
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Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary

On Display in Arcadia’s Visitors Center: "Closely Knit" and "Foraged Fantasies"

June 21, 2024

Enjoy a joint art exhibit featuring the works of Nicole Marcotte and Dave Rothstein at the Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary Visitors Center from July 1 through August 31.

Both Marcotte and Rothstein are an integral part of Mass Audubon’s Land Conservation Team, where they protect and steward lands in central and western Massachusetts. They find themselves equally inspired by the land itself, creating artwork that invites enchantment and a fresh look at the natural world.

"Closely Knit" and "Foraged Fantasies" feature wildlife illustrations and photographs of nature-based collages that view plants and animals through a magical lens.  

About the Artists

Foraged Fantasies collage by Nicole Marcotte
Nicole Marcotte

Nicole Marcotte 

As a Conservation Restriction Stewardship Specialist, Nicole monitors local land, spending many hours walking through forests and farmlands throughout the region. While spending time outdoors, she finds herself inspired by the various textures and colors of the flowers and foliage she passes by. Nicole specializes in ephemeral art created from natural foraged materials and reinterprets these materials into abstract landscapes and colorful creatures, which can be viewed as part of her “Foraged Fantasies” series. These creations only last through photographs, as they are left to decompose in the surroundings they came from.

Illustration of a rabbit by Dave Rothstein
Dave Rothstein

Dave Rothstein

During the weekdays, Dave is a Land Protection Specialist for Mass Audubon, helping to conserve special places in western Massachusetts. After hours, Dave is a sculptor, photographer, and illustrator. No matter the medium, he courts a relatable whimsy and a playfulness. Dave’s series, “Closely Knit,” consists of pen and ink drawings of native animals wearing – surprise - knit sweaters! Each has its own hand-drawn pattern, and each has a unique fringe highlighting some aspect of the featured creature’s diet, thereby illustrating Nature’s closely-knit web of life. Those on display at Arcadia will primarily feature mammals of New England.

Feeling Inspired?

Let nature be your muse by finding inspiration at a Mass Audubon sanctuary or program to deepen your skills.  

You can see Nicole Marcotte’s "Foraged Fantasies" and David Rothstein’s "Closely Knit" on display at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary’s Visitors Center during regular operating hours July 1-August 31.

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