Two kids running in the snow. We all need nature—and nature needs you. Together, we can protect the wildlife and wild lands of Massachusetts for generations to come. Make a tax-deductible donation today.
Two kids running in the snow. We all need nature—and nature needs you. Together, we can protect the wildlife and wild lands of Massachusetts for generations to come. Make a tax-deductible donation today.

Friday, November 3, 2023

An interesting assortment of unusual sightings this week included 3 continuing Pink-footed Geese in the Amherst/Whately area, a Barnicle Goose in Longmeadow, a Greater White-fronted Goose in Sheffield, single Ash-throated Flycatchers in Rockport and Truro, and a Le Conte’s Sparrow in Quincy. The cool weather late this week also seemed to move a lot of waterfowl into Massachusetts wetlands and coastal areas too.

Cape Cod highlights included a Tufted Duck at Big Station Pond on South Monomoy, single Yellow-headed Blackbirds on Shore Road in Provincetown and the Old North Cemetery in Truro where a Lark Sparrow was also seen, and Ash-throated Flycatcher at High Head in Truro, a Pacific Loon at Race Point in Provincetown, 3 Willets at Forest Beach in Chatham, a Rough-legged Hawk in East Dennis, a White-eyed Vireo at the New Seabury Country Club in Mashpee, and a Lark Sparrow in the Harwich Community Garden.

Bristol County notables at the Ocean View Farm Reserve in Dartmouth included a Stilt Sandpiper, a Prairie Warbler, a Nashville Warbler, 2 Yellow-breasted Chats, an Indigo Bunting, and a Bobolink.  Elsewhere a Eurasian Wigeon continued to be seen at the Miller Street Pond in Seekonk, a Red-headed Woodpecker and 124 Tree Swallows at Horseneck Beach in Westport, 3 Willets at the Little Bay Conservation Area in Fairhaven, and a Sora at the Egypt Lane Ponds in Fairhaven.

Plymouth County luminaries featured 11 Sandhill Cranes at the Cumberland Farms fields in Halifax and 3 more cranes in West Bridgewater, a lingering Hudsonian Godwit at Plymouth Beach where 14 Forster’s Terns and a late Black Tern were also seen, 3 Solitary Sandpipers were tallied at the West Meadows Wildlife Area in West Bridgewater, a late Philadelphia Vireo at Leland Farm in East Bridgewater, 2 Marsh Wrens at Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary in Manomet, and 300 Tree Swallows at Duxbury Beach.

Norfolk County continued to host a Le Conte’s Sparrow, a Clay-colored Sparrow, and a Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Passanaganset Park at the Broad Meadows Marsh in Quincy, a Wilson’s Warbler at Hall’s Pond in Brookline, and a Grasshopper Sparrow at the Charles River Peninsula in Needham.

Suffolk County bright lights were a Marsh Wren, a Clay-colored Sparrow, and a Dickcissel at Millennium Park in West Roxbury, a Lesser Yellowlegs, a Pectoral Sandpiper, Lark Sparrow, and 5 Nelson’s Sparrows at the Belle Isle Reservation in Boston, a Northern Saw-whet Owl at the Arnold Arboretum, 4 Lapland Longspurs at Winthrop Beach, and a Green Heron at Chandler Pond in Brighton.

Middlesex County highlights were 4 lingering Lesser Yellowlegs at the Arlington Reservoir, single Clay-colored Sparrows at the Lexington Community Garden, Draw 7 Pier in Somerville, and Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, a late Ruby-throated Hummingbird at Lookout Farm in Natick, a Purple Gallinule at the Captain Sargent Conservation Land in Stow, single Lincoln’s Sparrows at Danehy Park in Cambridge and on Fitch’s Bridge Road in Groton, and a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

Essex County luminaries included an Ash-throated Flycatcher, a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, and a late Indigo Bunting at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, and another gnatcatcher at Lane’s Farm Way in Rockport.  Other Essex County highlights were a Rough-legged Hawk and a late Yellow Warbler at Bear Creek Park in Saugus, a Little Gull at Andrews Point in Rockport, and single Common Gallinules at Plum Island and Salem Woods Park in Salem.

Berkshire County hosted 4 Red-throated Loons, 3 Redheads, and a Northern Shoveler at Lake Pontoosuc in Pittsfield, a Greater White-fronted Goose and a Cackling Goose at the Hubbard Brook Wildlife Area in Sheffield, another Cackling Goose at Davis Pond in Great Barrington, and a Lincoln’s Sparrow at Linear Park in Williamstown.

Franklin County was visited by 3 Pink-footed Geese at Tri-Town Beach in Whately which very likely the same group of 3 geese that have also been spending time on the UMass campus pond in Amherst.  Other notable sightings were a Red-throated Loon at Barton Cove in Gill, a Brant at the Orange Wildlife Area in Orange, 4 Dunlin in the North Meadows in Deerfield, and a lingering Green Heron   on Round Pond Road in Deerfield.

Hampshire County birds of note were a group of 3 continuing Pink-footed Geese that seem to be moving back and forth between the UMass campus pond in Amherst at Tri-Town Beach in Whately, 18 Brant and a Red-throated Loon near the Quabbin Reservoir Visitor’s Center in Belchertown, 7 Black Vultures in the air over South Maple Street in Hadley, a Clay-colored Sparrow at the Honey Pot in Hadley, a White-rumped Sandpiper in the East Meadows in Northampton, a Wilson’s Warbler on the campus of Mt. Holyoke in South Hadley, and a Lincoln’s Sparrow at the Hickory Ridge Conservation Area in Amherst.

Hampden County was graced by a Tufted Duck at the Whiting Reservoir in Holyoke, 3 Black Vultures in Palmer, and a Barnicle Goose, 2 Cackling Geese, and 4 Blue-winged Teal at the Longmeadow Flats in Longmeadow.

Worcester County hosted a Black-bellied Plover at Bartlett Pond in Northborough, a Spotted Sandpiper at White Pond in Lancaster, and a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher at the Westboro Wildlife Area in Westborough.

Martha’s Vineyard notables were 2 Sedge Wrens, 60 Tree Swallows, a Nashville Warbler, and a Red-eyed Vireo in the Gay Head/Aquinnah area.

Nantucket luminaries were 3 Cattle Egrets in the Bartlett Farm area, 3 Common Gallinules at Miacomet Farm, 2 Sedge Wrens at an undisclosed area, 4 Redheads at Hummock Pond, a Northern Shoveler at Sesachacha Pond, a Black-throated Blue Warbler at Jackson Point.