Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Woman holding binoculars Join today and get outside at one of our 60+ wildlife sanctuaries.
Forest at Laughing Brook
Laughing Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Hampden

Climate-Smart Forestry Resources

Mass Audubon is laying the groundwork for conservation organizations and government agencies to help us meet our stewardship goals and promote climate-smart forestry (CSF) for all communities and forest landowners.

Forest Stewardship Planning

With our partners, we've updated the Massachusetts Forest Stewardship Plan for climate change adaptation and mitigation. We're also creating resources, offering trainings, and conducting outreach to help landowners, foresters, and harvesters manage forests accordingly.

Carbon as a land management goal and how to manage forests for carbon benefits.

Actions to promote healthy forests long-term given the impacts of climate change on forests.

The process for setting goals to obtain a 10-year Forest Stewardship Plan.

In-depth review of forest stewardship climate planning.

In-depth review of forest carbon and stewardship planning.

Forest Stewardship Partners

We partner with the MA Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR), New England Forestry Foundation, Woodlands Partnership of Northwest Massachusetts, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science, The Nature Conservancy, The Ohketeau Cultural Center, and Massachusetts Woodlands Institute to create these resources and broaden understanding and implementation of CSF.

Looking up at a hemlock white oak tree's leaves

Forest Climate Resilience

Through the Forest Climate Resilience Program partnership, we're working to create opportunities for landowners to implement recommendations in their forest stewardship climate plans. 

In addition, we provide technical assistance and outreach to municipalities on a number of topics including forest resilience, net-zero goals, and forest carbon offset projects. We’re also working to build community and cultural resilience through community partnerships and by supporting Native-led land stewardship efforts. Contact us to learn more.

Forest Resilience Resources

About the Forest Climate Resilience Program partnership and our work with communities in the Woodlands Partnership of Northwest Massachusetts.

A list of research-based practices that promote climate adaptation and mitigation.

download Climate Smart Practice List (176.7 kB)

Indigenous Cultural Resilience Partners

The Ohketeau Cultural Center

No Loose Braids

Forest Carbon Markets Resources

Basics of how carbon markets function, the benefits and tradeoffs of municipal carbon projects, and common pathways for carbon projects.

An FAQ that reviews the core content found in the "Forest Carbon Market Solutions" guide.

download Municipal Carbon Project FAQ (33 kB)

Suggested questions to ask a carbon project consultant when discussing project feasibility and determining overall fit.

Different pathways to enhance the role of forests in your town's climate action planning.

Three aggregated forest carbon projects in Massachusetts, Washington, and Vermont. 

The information in these studies was gathered through conversations between project staff and Mass Audubon in early 2021. (If you would like more detailed information and/or additional project context, just email us.)

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