Ways to Support Land Protection & Conservation

Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary opening © Tooey Rogers
Opening of Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary © Tooey Rogers

Your can direct your donation towards one of three critical areas—operational support for the Land Conservation program, a specific urgent land project, or a fund that enables Mass Audubon to respond quickly when sudden land protection opportunities arise.

Land Conservation Program

Your donation to Mass Audubon's Land Conservation program makes it possible for us to assemble and maintain a team of top-notch professionals who are capable of navigating the most complex and challenging conservation opportunities. When you support our program's operations, you're helping sustain a proactive approach to land conservation that takes into account the most current research and science available. 

Mass Audubon is a nationally recognized leader in the field of land conservation, and your donation is a vital part of our cutting-edge efforts. Through the leadership and assistance we offer other conservation groups, we effect the protection of more land than we ever even touch! Our work with a multitude of local and regional organizations and government agencies has a lasting impact on the landscape—well beyond Mass Audubon's sanctuary system. 

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Mass Audubon Land Fund

When a critical piece of property suddenly becomes available, we need funds available to respond quickly. That kind of flexibility is also needed when we have an opportunity to protect important habitat where local fundraising alone is insufficient. The 100% donor-sponsored Land Fund enables Mass Audubon to move from reactive, project-based fundraising to a more proactive and visionary statewide approach.

It provides essential finances for:

  • Rapidly responding to conservation opportunities
  • Leveraging additional gifts through matching challenges
  • Supporting projects that have exhausted all other funding possibilities

By donating to the Mass Audubon Land Fund, you're investing in our vision to conserve the remaining critical habitat in Massachusetts.

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Urgent Land Projects

Mass Audubon works individually and in partnership with others throughout Massachusetts to conserve important natural lands—forever. That means there are often deadline-driven opportunities to conserve specific properties. We encourage you to learn about these projects that urgently need your help! 

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