Summer 2011

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summer 2011 issue of Sanctuary magazine

Accidental Wilderness: A natural history of the garden

Editor's Column

An Eden of Sorts  
by John H. Mitchell

President's Message

Political Gardening 
by Laura Johnson

The Wildest Yard in the Neighborhood

Sanctuary Associate Editor Ann Prince outlines her garden endeavors in her small yard amidst the native vegetation of the South Shore. 
by Ann Prince

The Garden as Ecotone

In an answer and riposte to Mitchell’s experiment, Mass Audubon naturalist Chris Leahy explains why the biodiversity of the former white pine stand increased so dramatically when it was converted to a gardenscape. 
by Chris Leahy

The Uninvited Guest

Writer and wildflower expert Teri Dunn explains why a few stray weeds (so-called) can actually add to the diversity and color in a garden. 
by Teri Dunn Chase

All the World in Garden

Garden designer Dori Smith, after carefully laying out her garden beds, came to realize that she enjoyed the local insects that were attracted to the garden as much as she did the flowers. 
by Dori Smith

A Remembrance of Gardens Past

Mass Audubon Property Manager Joe Choiniere describes the occasionally eccentric but biologically rich garden he has planted over the years. 
by Joe Choiniere

The Garden of Eaten

Environmental educator and author Michael Caduto describes the value of welcoming reptiles and amphibians to a garden. 
by Michael Caduto

The Political Landscape

A call to keep environmental programs in the state budget. 
by Jennifer Ryan

“Green” Thumb Gardening Tips

A few quick ideas to maintain your own eco-friendly yard. 
by Margaret Hyde