Spring 2013

Birdland: Birds and their habitats

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Sanctuary Magazine spring 2013

Editor's Column

Scratch Flat
by John H. Mitchell

President's Message

A Global Perspective on the Mass Audubon Model
by Henry Tepper

The New Woods of New England

The ever-changing landscape of New England—cleared for farming in the 19th century, now once again significantly wooded—helps determine the distribution and variety of birdlife.
by Thomas Conuel

Melodies of Birdland

Yards can be sterile environments or they can be bountiful ecosystems that support ecologically diverse populations of birds and other wildlife. The latter takes just a little creativity and some knowledge on the part of the homeowner.
by Dori Smith

Greener Pastures

Grassland birds depend upon fields, farmland, and management with their nesting habits in mind.
by Gayle Goddard-Taylor

Where Sea Meets the Shore

Stewardship of coastal areas and marine environments is essential to saving shorebirds and beach-nesting birds—oftentimes requiring diplomacy and regulation.
by Wayne Petersen

The Other End of Migration

Neotropical migrants rely upon habitat protection at both their summer homes up north and their wintering grounds down south.
by Nini Bloch

Central American Conservation Connection

Mass Audubon’s faithful long-term commitment to conservation in Belize has many facets including land protection, ecotourism, and naturalist guide training. Birds are primary beneficiaries.
by Ann Prince

Where Birds Live and Why

Scientists have designated six major regions of bird distribution around the globe.
by Chris Leahy

The Political Landscape—Cosmopolitan Birds

Birds of the city and suburbia
by E. Heidi Ricci and Kim Peters

In the Field—Bird-a-thon Turns Thirty

Three decades and counting, Mass Audubon’s mid-May Bird-a-thon continues to expand, welcoming everyone who would like to join in for fundraising and fun.

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