Explore—Winter 2022

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A Message from Our President

Winter is a time when the natural world tends to slow down. But here at Mass Audubon, there are no signs of slowing down—in fact it's just the opposite as our Action Agenda is propelling us forward at groundbreaking speed.

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Sweet Dreams Are Made of Trees

Whether pooled into the pockets of a waffle, drizzled on fluffy pancakes, or poured over warm oatmeal, maple syrup completes any proper breakfast table spread. And if you needed another reason to love maple syrup, you can now enjoy it while protecting birds.

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Winter Birding on Plum Island

Named for the wild beach plum shrubs that speckle its sand dunes, Plum Island is a barrier island near the northern border of the Massachusetts coast. This special site offers some of the most exciting winter birding in Massachusetts, with a wide variety of coastal habitats and species that are difficult to see elsewhere.

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Extreme Weather Linked to Climate Change Hits Home

When staff arrived for work at Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Lenox on the morning of July 28, 2021, a 40-foot spruce lay across the sanctuary entrance, its upper branches poking through a broken window of the office building. The National Weather Service later confirmed that two passing microbursts had produced 80- to 90-mile-per-hour winds during a thunderstorm the night before.

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How to Dress for Winter Adventures

Cold-weather activities can quickly lose their allure—or become downright dangerous—if you're not dressed for comfort and warmth. Luckily, it's not complicated or expensive to clothe yourself appropriately for winter weather. Here’s a guide so you can plan ahead.

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In Your Words: Nia Keith

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By the Numbers: Resilient Landscapes

One of the key components of Mass Audubon’s Action Agenda is to protect and steward resilient landscapes. But what exactly is a resilient landscape?

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Young Explorers: Don’t Bug Out!

Bugs are everywhere! Or at least they were . . . But now that it's winter they are almost impossible to find. Find out what some bugs do when the weather turns cold.

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