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Mittens and Meteors

Winter might seem like a chilly time to be out under the stars at night, but dry air and cool temperatures often make for crystal-clear skies—perfect for winter stargazing.

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Greetings from Paradise

Once the holiday season has passed and the long, cold winter stretches out ahead, many folks find themselves in a bit of a “winter funk." You may be surprised to find that Mass Audubon has the perfect antidote. 

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Winter Wildlife Tracking

Finding animal tracks offers a glimpse into a world that we might not otherwise see. But you can use more than just the footprint to learn about the animal that visit your yard.

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By the Numbers: Maple Sugaring

You might smother your pancakes in sticky syrup, but how much do you really know about the sweetest season of all?

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Young Explorers: Under the Snow

There is an amazing, secret world underneath the snow!

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