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Dappled light on a trail through the woods at a Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuary

A Message from Our President

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Summer in the City: The Problem of Urban Heat Islands

Have you ever noticed that summer in the city can get pretty hot—hotter even than the surrounding suburbs and more rural areas? Turns out, there are scientific reasons for this related both to city infrastructure and to climate change.

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Cool Off Under the Canopy

On a sweltering summer day, going for a hike might not be the first activity that comes to mind. But wandering through woodlands, you may find yourself blissfully cloaked under a cool and shady canopy thanks to a forest-created microclimate.

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Go Wild: Mass Audubon's Action Agenda

In May, Mass Audubon unveiled its Action Agenda 2021–2026, which tackles the three serious challenges of rapid loss of biodiversity, inequitable access to nature, and climate change. We are determined to meet these challenges with bold actions that will ensure that future generations have the chance to "go wild" in nature.

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In Your Words: Lily, Age 18

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By the Numbers: Fireflies

When it comes to cool insects, it's hard to beat fireflies. As it turns out, fireflies aren't bugs or flies—they're beetles, and not all of them produce light.

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Outdoor Almanac

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Young Explorers: Noisy Nighttime Neighbors

Nighttime in nature is anything but quiet! On a summer evening, you might hear a variety of animals right in your neighborhood or backyard.

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