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Climate change has been an urgent concern for decades, but with the increase in devastating natural disasters, a rise in food insecurity, and a decrease in biodiversity across the globe, more people are joining the fight to protect the earth. With the Climate Champions program, Mass Audubon is building a network of new and experienced changemakers. Participants in the Champions program will gain the knowledge, skills, inspiration, and connections needed to make change, together.

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The Role of a Climate Champion

Creating change is not a job for one person alone. We need to work together to make meaningful, lasting impacts. The Climate Champions program creates a network of like-minded individuals who align with and advocate for Mass Audubon’s climate policy goals. These goals include implementing strong climate mitigation policies from local to federal levels, enhancing the resilience of our communities and habitats to climate and other threats, and making sure that everyone has access to nature and climate resilience in their homes and communities.

Advocates will receive ongoing support from Mass Audubon staff, including policy and campaign briefings, training, and skill-building exercises in grassroots advocacy. Through these exercises, our Champions will be prepared to advance change across the state and region.

Addressing Today’s Most Prominent Issues

Mass Audubon’s policy priorities support the goals of the Action Agenda, our five-year plan to address the most significant challenges facing our environment today—including the rapid loss of wildlife habitat, inequitable access to nature, and the threats of climate change. 

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Investing in nature is itself a climate solution by harnessing the power of trees, forests, wetlands and other ecosystems to store carbon, reduce emissions, and build resilience to the impacts of climate change. But nature has historically been undervalued and under-resourced, so the Champions program will advocate for cost-effective investments in nature. Mass Audubon is campaigning now to direct $1 billion in new funding from the state and federal government, private sector, and philanthropists toward programs that protect and restore nature in critical places; build resilience to climate change’s impacts; increase access to parks, open spaces, and trails; and strengthen our water infrastructure. 

But that’s just the beginning. From protecting pollinator habitats under threat from climate change to reducing flood risks, there are so many opportunities for us to work together to take meaningful, collective action in the face of a changing climate. 

Become a Champion

If you are interested in becoming a Climate Champion, fill out a short survey to provide a sense of your interests and background, then Mass Audubon policy and advocacy staff will be in touch! Together, we can make a real difference in the fight against climate change in our communities across Massachusetts and beyond.

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