Explore Spring 2017


Explore Spring 2017 cover with common buckeye © Nathan Dubrow
Common buckeye © Nathan Dubrow

Discover Tidmarsh

You are standing in the middle of Tidmarsh Farms in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a site where Mass Audubon has the opportunity to establish a new wildlife sanctuary. What might you experience while exploring this restored freshwater ecosystem?

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Take a Walk on the Wildflower Side

This is spring wildflower season. To help you fully appreciate this brief, remarkable time of year, here are some tips for where to look, what to look for, and when to find all kinds of spectacular wildflowers.  

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In Your Words: Butterfly Garden Team

Members of the Norfolk Garden Club talk about volunteering at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary as part of the "Butterfly Garden Team" that created a garden to support native pollinators.

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Outdoor Almanac

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By the Numbers: Turtles

Instantly recognizable by all, turtles are a much-beloved resident of Massachusetts. But how much do you really know about them?

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Young Explorers: Warblers By Number

Practice your bird identification skills by coloring in two warblers using our keys.

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