Explore—Fall 2021

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Cover of "Explore" Fall 2021 - American Goldfinch in fall plumage © Dana Goedewaagen
American Goldfinch © Dana Goedewaagen

A Message from Our President

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The Art of the Trail

Have you ever walked on a trail and wondered how it was made? Sustainable and accessible trails don’t just happen—they take a tremendous amount of assessment, planning, and labor to design, implement, and maintain. And a recent project to overhaul the 9-mile trail system at Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary offers a perfect case study in trail-building.

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Biodiversity Loss & Climate Change: Twin Challenges Defining Our Future

Media coverage of climate change is finally beginning to reflect the gravity of the emergency—but the same cannot be said for the equally urgent issue of biodiversity loss. However, the first step to solving both is to stop treating them as separate and distinct problems.

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The Road to 40,000 Acres . . . and Beyond

The permanent protection of Bear Hole—a 1,400-acre ecologically diverse green space located in West Springfield and Holyoke—in June 2021 marked a major milestone for Mass Audubon: we now protect more than 40,000 acres of land in Massachusetts.

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Statement Regarding Inadvertent Misuse of a Photo

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In Your Words: Lisa Meeks & Jan Spence

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By the Numbers: Fishers

Although many people call them "fisher cats" and report hearing them scream at night, fishers aren't cats (they're weasels) and they don't scream (or make much sound at all).

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Outdoor Almanac

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Young Explorers: Fall Leaves

This is the perfect time to go out and explore the many colors, shapes, and textures that leaves have to offer. Try finding all the leaves in our Scavenger Hunt!

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