Explore—Fall 2018

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Cover of the Fall 2018 issue of "Explore" (Maple Leaf © Jim Feroli)
Maple Leaf © Jim Feroli

Advocacy Issues in Focus

Mass Audubon’s Advocacy department works with other conservation organizations, legislators, and citizen groups to shape and strengthen environmental laws and regulations. Here are six issues Mass Audubon is focusing on right now.

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Fall Photography at Mass Audubon

The spectacular fall foliage that graces the natural places of Massachusetts is a photographer’s dream, and Mass Audubon’s wildlife sanctuaries are often the perfect place to snap a stunning photo of the landscapes, late-blooming flowers, and wildlife that make fall so special in the Northeast.

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The Sound of (Audubon’s) Music

Love music and birds? Then you won’t want to miss the world premiere of Audubon: A Multimedia Oratorio at historic Jordan Hall in Boston on November 9.

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In Your Words: Libby Herland

Libby Herland first connected with Mass Audubon in 1971 as a teenager working at Pleasant Valley for the summer. Now, decades later, she finds herself connected in a different but still deeply rewarding way—as a member of the Berkshire Wildlife Sanctuaries Advisory Committee.

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Outdoor Almanac

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By the Numbers: Fungi

What comes to mind when you think of fungi? From the tiny, thimble-like Bird’s Nest mushrooms to the eerie, charcoal-colored Dead Man’s Fingers to the weird, fetid Stinky Squid, there is much to discover about these misunderstood wonders of the woods.

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Young Explorers: Coniferous Cones

A pine cone comes from a pine tree, but not all cones do! Trees that produce cones are called conifers, and this group includes lots of species that aren't pines.

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