Annual Report


Cover of 2018 Annual Report


When nature heroes come together, what they can accomplish is simply amazing. They can fight for and get environmental legislation passed. They can protect rare habitats and create wildlife corridors. They can encourage young kids to connect with nature and enable college students to pursue careers in the environment.

We recognize that today, more than ever, the stakes are high and that it’s critically important to enlist the help of nature heroes across the Commonwealth. Environmental safeguards are being rolled back, conservation is underfunded across the country, and climate change looms large. But, there is hope. And, that hope is in the people, like you, who can and will do something to ensure a resilient, healthy, and even more beautiful world.

Jared Chase, our outgoing Chair of the Board of Directors, is an excellent example of someone making a difference. Under his leadership, we have implemented a new Strategic Plan, launched an initiative to become a more diverse and inclusive organization, opened the Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary in Plymouth, and welcomed thousands of new members and supporters across the state. He leaves Mass Audubon a stronger, more capable organization, and we are grateful for his being our "Chief Nature Hero" during his six-year tenure as Chair.

As you read through this report, I hope you recognize it reflects the progress you have helped make happen. Thank you for your commitment and for being a part of this work. It is essential. It is exciting. It is empowering. And, your help is critical in ensuring that we all succeed.


Gary Clayton

I see my time as Chair of the Board at Mass Audubon as an investment that paid me multiple dividends, including a sense of pride in all that we have accomplished together. But, if I have learned anything, it is that we can only achieve our goal of protecting the nature of Massachusetts by working together. As I step down as Chair, I will not step away from Mass Audubon. Rather, I will roll up my sleeves and get to work again. Because I know the future is in good hands – ours. — Jared Chase, Outgoing Chair, Board of Directors