The Quiet Earth: Nature and Human Health

Quiet Earth - Mass Audubon Member Publication 2016

The 2016 Mass Audubon annual member publication will be entitled The Quiet Earth: Nature and Human Health. This collection of all-new, original essays will examine the interrelationship between human health and nature. The book is an account of the emerging studies of the affiliation between our ancient connection with nature and the apparent healing powers of the natural world, everything from fields and forests, to rocks, wind, sand, and even our relationship with formerly wild but now domesticated animals.

Anecdotally, the healthful benefits of contact with nature have been known for years. But what is just now emerging is scientific research and subsequent documentation of the actual physiological causes of the more subtle benefits of nature in healing and in the maintenance of a mental and physical health. Among other things, exposure to nature, in almost any form, reduces heart rates and blood pressure, can release tension, and create a sense of well being, along with myriad similar beneficial effects.

A singular commonality has become apparent as a result of these studies: Nature is good for us. It is good preventative medicine, and it has healing effects.

This publication is available to Mass Audubon members who choose to receive the annual member publication when joining or renewing their membership in 2015.

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Snow Poem by Jeffrey Harrison & Preface - Green Health by John Hanson Mitchell

The Lake, Poem by Holly Guran & The Right Place, Essay by Edward O. Wilson

Poems by Kathy Nelson and Jack Kerouac & Places Between Bus Stops, Essay by by Karl Meyer

Oxygen, Poem by Susan Edwards Richmond & The Natural Mind, Essay by Nini Bloch

Twelve-year-old Girl Grooming an Old Horse, Poem by Frannie Lindsay & The Enduring Animal, Essay by Ron McAdow

The dog is just about to answer my question, Poem by Frannie Lindsay & Doctor Dog, Essay by Gayle Goddard-Taylor

From Memory, Poem by Polly Brown & Outside In, Essay by Thomas Conuel

Ephemera, Poem by Margot Wizansky & The Garden of Earthly Cures, Essay by Teri Dunn Chace

Two Poems by Moira Linehan and Brad Bennett & The Heart of the Matter, Essay by Thomas Conuel

Salvage, Poem by Sarah Goodman & Saved by Swifts, Essay by Richard Mabey

Witness Tree, Poem by Sophie Wadsworth & Solace and the Art of Scything, Essay by John Hanson Mitchell

Visitation, Poem by Christopher Locke and Children of the Wired World, Essay by Michael J. Caduto

Summer Rain, Poem by Clarisse Hart & Wildness and Wellness, Essay by Ann Prince

Epilogue by A.A. Milne

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