Picture This: Your Great Outdoors 2020 Photo Contest Winners

Nearly 5,000 images were submitted to the Mass Audubon Picture This Photo Contest this year (a new record). After much deliberation, we are happy to announce that we have selected the winners of this year's contest.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again to everyone who participated!

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Honorable Mentions

Grand Prize: Patrick Randall

2020 Photo Contest Winner - Snapping Turtle © Patrick Randall
Snapping Turtle © Patrick Randall



18 & Over: Stephen Kender
Semipalmated Sandpiper splashing in water © Stephen Kender
Semipalmated Sandpiper © Stephen Kender
Under 18: Kieran Barlow
Common Tern preparing to dive © Kieran Barlow
Common Tern © Kieran Barlow


18 & Over: Jason Gilbody
Coyote with wet fur on Newburyport beach © Jason Gilbody
Coyote © Jason Gilbody
Under 18: Thomas Bomer
Eastern Cottontail rabbit eating grass © Thomas Bomer
Eastern Cottontail © Thomas Bomer

Other Wildlife

18 & Over: Patrick Randall
2020 Photo Contest Winner - Snapping Turtle © Patrick Randall
Snapping Turtle © Patrick Randall
Under 18: Deyan Kassev
Grasshopper close-up at Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary © Deyan Kassev
Grasshopper © Deyan Kassev

Plants & Fungi

18 & Over: James Doucett
Top-view of center leaf whorl in a Skunk Cabbage © James Doucett
Skunk Cabbage © James Doucett
Under 18: Alexander Knight
Close-up view of Pickleweed new growth © Alexander Knight
Pickleweed © Alexander Knight


18 & Over: Alison Leedham
Comet NEOWISE over Annisquam Lighthouse in Gloucester © Alison Leedham
Comet NEOWISE in Gloucester © Alison Leedham
Under 18: Will Draxler
Long exposure shot of thousands of fireflies at night in Heath, MA © Will Draxler
Fireflies © Will Draxler

People in Nature

18 & Over: William Hicks
Small boy marching into wetland with seining net & arm floaties © William Hicks
© William Hicks
Under 18: Siya Gunda
Person standing among the trees at Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, MA © Siya Gunda
© Siya Gunda

Honorable Mentions

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Alia Cusolito Broderick Lee Greg Kniseley Nancy Orbe
Natalie Nguyen Kati Seiffer Mariann Simon Jenny Zhao