Top view of a young Spotted Salamander on a log © Lucas Beaudette
Spotted Salamander juvenile © Lucas Beaudette

Salamanders are so secretive that most people never encounter them. But because of their sensitive skin and specific habitat requirements, these shy creatures can tell us a lot about the health of our environment! Read more > 

There are 11 species of salamanders found in Massachusetts, spread across four scientific families—lungless salamanders, mole salamanders, newts, and mudpuppies. And they come in a dizzying array of colors and patterns! Get to know them >

A mass migration of hundreds of thousands of amphibians takes place every year in early spring in Massachusetts. People from all over the Northeast will travel to watch this phenomenon known as "Big Night." Why it's a big deal >

Of the 11 salamander species in our state, three are listed under the MA Endangered Species Act. They face several dangers throughout their lives from cars, loss of habitat, and climate change. But you can help! Find out more >

Take 5: Salamanders

Take 5: Salamander Swarm

Eastern Red-backed Salamander © Chris Liazos
Eastern Red-backed Salamander © Chris Liazos

Early spring is the best time to see salamanders! But you can enjoy these five great photos anytime. Read blog post >

Vernal Pools

All About Vernal Pools

Vernal Pool in spring at Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuary (by Rosemary Mosco/Mass Audubon)
Vernal Pool at Attleboro Springs

Vernal pools only exist for a short time in spring—and they're critical to salamander survival. Learn more >