Spring Peeper on plant at Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary
Spring Peeper at Lake Wampanoag

Frogs are a familiar part of the wildlife of Massachusetts, and they’re found all across the state. Because of their diverse habitat needs and sensitive skin, these amphibians are good indicators of the health of our environment. Learn More

The frogs of Massachusetts come in many colors, and they inhabit a variety of habitats, from lakes to trees to woodlands. The 10 species in Massachusetts belong to four scientific families. Learn More


Frog populations all across the world are declining as a result of habitat loss, pollution, and introduced disease. Besides protecting habitat and working to reduce pollution, Mass Audubon is acting to preserve vernal pools, temporary water bodies that some frog species, such as eastern spadefoots, require as nurseries for their young. Read more about vernal pools and learn more about our work with spadefoots.