MassGIS Butterfly Atlas Viewer

Want to dive deeper into the Butterfly Atlas?

Mass Audubon has partnered with MassGIS, Massachusetts' Office of Geographic and Environmental Information, to enhance your exploration of the Butterfly Atlas data.

The MassGIS Butterfly Atlas Viewer allows you to:

  • Create your own interactive maps of all or a portion of the state
  • Identify all species found in a survey block during the Atlas period
  • Overlay butterfly distribution on road, land use and aerial photograph backgrounds
  • Customize your view with zoom and pan tools or jump straight to your town to list the species that were seen there

The Butterfly Atlas Viewer can map 101 of the species identified in the state during the Atlas period.

Making a Map

  1. Choose the information you wish to display on your map by clicking on check boxes on the left side of the screen
  2. Click the "Refresh Map" button. In a moment, your requested map will appear!

Map navigation and information tools are provided on the right side of the screen, including a drop-down menu of Massachusetts' towns.

Clicking on the "Identify" tool allows you to generate a list of species found in an area by clicking on any Atlas grid cell; the list appears at the bottom of the screen. Tip: Although you could select multiple species at a time, it is best to select only one.

Additional help and information can be found on the Butterfly Atlas Viewer.