Massachusetts Butterfly Atlas Contributors

The Massachusetts Butterfly Atlas could not have been accomplished without the generous contributions of thousands of hours in the field by many butterfly enthusiasts. The names of these individuals are listed below. Several of those listed contributed written accounts of butterfly species on this web site, and they are acknowledged with their account. If you participated in the Atlas project and do not see your name below, please accept our sincerest apologies on this oversight, and contact us immediately. Your name will be added to the list.

Bob Abrams
Dee Allen
Kathleen S. Anderson
Carroll Arbogast
Widge Arms
Brent Baeslach
Sue Baeslach
Jim Baird
James Barton
Cliff Beck
Noreen Beck
Jim Berry
Carolyn Boardman
Cindy Boettner
Jeff Boettner
Stanwood Bolton
Donald Bowden
M. Deane Bowers
Barbara Brewer
Jo Brewer
Lincoln Brower
Joseph Bruso
Mark Bullwinkle
Robert Busby
Dr. Ring Carde
Brian Cassie
Jean Cawley
Jonathan Center
Anthony Cheevers
Dr. Frances Chew
Hoe Hin Chuah
Susan Cornick
Robert Countryman
Lars Crabo
Doug Cross
Christopher Curtis
Betsy Davis
Kingston Delaney
John V. Dennis
Douglas Dodge
Dr. Robert Edwards
Ellyn Einhorn
Dave Emerson
Mark Fairbrother
Jerry Flaherty
Chris Floyd
Marjorie Forbes
Richard Forster
Tim Fowler
Bob Fox
Jeanne Georgon
Paul Goldstein
Stephan Goldstein
Fred Goodwin
David W. Gregg
Alexander Grkovich
Richard Harlow
Jeremy Hatch
Mary Hathaway
Ellis B. Hayden, Jr.
Richard Hildreth
Norman Hill
Karen E. Holmes
Marianne Hosford
Peter Hosford
Dawn Hoskins
Bill Howat
Janet Howat
Lewis Hyde
Willis Iannarelli
Lucy Ingalls
Penny Jacques
Philip Johnson
Jane Kesler
Bruce W. King
Richard Knapp
Ruth Kruger
Butch Labrie
Elissa Landre
Christyna M. Laubach
Rene Laubach
Christopher Leahy
Ernest LeBlanc
Linda Leddy
R.J. Lehmann
George Leslie
Paul Levine
Lyn Lovell
Doug Lowry
Sue Lowry
Judy Maluk
George Massicotte
Larry Master
Bonnie Meek
Mark Mello
Paul Miliotis
Joel Miller
Russ Miller
Scott Miller
Deedee Minear
John Mitchell
Treah Moon
Fred Morrison
Donna Munafo
Ed Neumuth
Blair Nikula
Neil Osborne
Karen Parker
Catherine Parmelee
Stuart Parsons
Roger Pease
Karen Peter
Edward Peters
Wayne Petersen
Ina Phelps
Mason Phelps
Bob Prescott
Ted Raymond
Paul Roberts
William Rogers
Wendy Root
Kevin Ryan
Theodore Sargent
Dale Schweitzer
Stanley Selkow
Mike Shannon
Jay Shetterly
Ted Simmons
Dave Small
Gordon Small
Scott Smedley
Myra Smith
Roger Smith
Ann Southworth
Sharon Stapleton
Don Stokes
Lillian Stokes
Bill Strahle
Kathy Swegert
Asher Treat
Tom Tyning
Richard Walton
Pam Weatherbee
Reginald Webster
Dr. Nancy Weiss
Dennis Welin
Rene Wendell
Carroll Williams
Darryl Willis
Robert Wilson
Dr. William D. Winter
William Wojnicki