Wild Turkey Situations & Solutions

Wild Turkeys © Richard Alvarnaz
Wild Turkeys © Richard Alvarnaz

Wild turkeys are now a common fixture across all of Massachusetts, which means the chances of encountering them have increased as well. Turkeys thrive not only in rural populations but have been spotted in cities and suburbs as well.

Aggressive Turkeys

If you have wild turkeys in your yard, there’s a good chance a bird feeder is nearby. If the turkeys aren’t causing a problem, you can let them be. But, turkeys can be aggressive, chasing people, pets, cars, and practically anything else that moves. You can also find them “attacking” their reflection in shiny cars or windows.

There are several options to fending off an aggressive wild turkey.

  • Keep the area under bird feeders clean and, if necessary, stop feeding altogether to avoid attracting turkeys into the yard.  Also, let neighbors know as well.
  • String silver mylar streamers (found in party supply stores) from the top of 2 ½-foot-high stakes. The eye-level streamers will wave in the wind and reflect light, which should discourage turkeys from entering the area.
  • Make loud noise, such as banging pots and pans together, when a turkey approaches.