Bald Eagles

Mature Bald Eagle starting its dive from a conifer tree © William Zhen
Bald Eagle (adult) © William Zhen

Sometimes fittingly referred to as the "American Eagle," the Bald Eagle occurs only in North America and is typically found near coasts, large rivers, and lakes. Learn about this iconic bird's life history, conservation status, and protections under federal law. Get to know our national bird >

Once a relatively abundant species, Bald Eagles suffered an alarming decline from the 1950s–1960s. After DDT was banned in 1972, state conservation agencies and organizations began working to help jumpstart the population and restore breeding eagles to Massachusetts. Read more >

Take 5: Eagles

Take 5: Winter Eagles

Bald Eagle on a branch during a snow storm © Kyle Wilmarth
Bald Eagle adult © Kyle Wilmarth

Winter is the best time of year to spot Bald Eagles in Massachusetts. Get up-close to our special winter residents in these photos. Read blog post >

Eagle Festival

Annual Eagle Festival

Every February, Mass Audubon's Joppa Flats hosts a grand event celebrating the return of Bald Eagles to the Merrimack River Valley. Learn more >