Trails at Richardson Brook

Stone wall in the woods at Richardson Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

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Explore 1.6 miles of trails at Richardson Brook Wildlife Sanctuary. Trails are marked with yellow and blue plastic disks. Blue indicates you are moving away from the parking, yellow returns you to the parking area.

Please Note: Surfaces are irregular with many exposed rocks, boulders and tree roots. There are long sloping sections that may be difficult for some hikers. Portions of trails may be wet in early spring or after heavy rainfalls.

Charlotte W. Clark Loop Trail

Length: 0.6 miles
Details: Look for signs of past land use along this trail: rockwalls, rock piles, wolf trees and the skeletal remains of red cedar, a tree often associated with abandoned fields and pastures. There is an impressive glacial boulder of the native bedrock next to the trail.

Richardson Brook Trail

Length: 1 mile
Details: This trail leads down to Richardson Brook and requires an uphill return hike. Look for stately trees of various species and walk along the picturesque brook. Can you guess what the low rock structure is?