Published on May 18, 2023

Nature Play Area Offers New Features and Improved Accessibility

LP NPA reno (3)

Long Pasture’s Nature Play Area has undergone a spring refurbishing. Lasting over 4 weeks and requiring 200 person-hours, the work has included repairs, replacements, and the addition of many new features that offer even more fun and accessibility.

Nature play encourages young children to enjoy the outdoors and to use their imaginations to create and problem solve as they engage with features made mostly from materials found in the natural world.

Property manager Chris Walz says the renovation work was partly underwritten by Long Pasture Leadership Friend and supporter Bill Leitch, who donated funds to create the original play area in 2017 in memory of his wife Betsy. In addition to a balance beam, chalkboard, and musical pebble harp, some new features have been added, including a hollow log, climbable arch with a “hobbit house” below, rope ladders, enhanced rock-climbing logs, and a seesaw.

To make the area more accessible to wheelchairs, dense grade blue stone has been spread in an area that includes picnic tables and the pebble harp.

The new play features have already proved to be popular. “The hobbit house gets a lot of attention, but the see-saw has been known to attract both kids and grown-ups!” Chris notes.

The Long Pasture Nature Play Area is open daily.